Collaboration for growth: manage your initiatives on Nexl workspaces

Learn how to create projects on Nexl to manage your growth initiatives.



22 minutes


About the course

Getting Started with Nexl Projects

What is this course about?

The objective of this course to make users familiar with our collaboration and project management modules. At Nexl, we believe that a CRM is useless without a purpose. You will want to put your data and relationship insights to good use! Whether it is a key account program, a business plan, or a credential tracker, Nexl offers a dedicated place to manage such projects effectively. This course will explain how you can create and manage your Marketing and BD initiatives and engage in true Revenue Operations.

What we will cover in this course?

What is Revenue Operations 
How do Nexl Project Work
How can you operationalize your initiatives to enhance execution?
What are SMART objectives and how can you set these in a Nexl Project?
How can you track outcomes and business opportunities in a Nexl Project?
How can you add documents and other files to a Project?
How can you create and manage lists in Nexl Projects?
How can I make use of Nexl Templates?

Who’s this course for?

The target audience for this course is lawyers, account managers, and marketing & business development executives of firms that have recently rolled out Nexl. The list of use cases is endless, and Nexl’s workspaces can be used equally by executives in Human Capital Managers, Operations, Finance, Innovation, Know-how, and Pricing. The course will be particularly useful for users that want to run specific initiatives and seek a shared space that can tap into existing contacts, companies and relationships intelligence on your CRM.

Course Lessons